Wildfire (Hidden Legacy) Review


Wildfire is the third book in the Hidden Legacy series by Ilona Andrews. Touted as the final book in the Hidden Legacy series, many a fan-girl have extremely high hopes pinned on a mere 400 and some pages. Can it be possible? Can the dynamic writing duo tagged Ilona Andrews give us what we need? What we crave, by the gods, even desire?

The answer is unequivocally YES.
Wildfire delivers and then some.

This series is a constant timeline, each book pretty much picking up right
where the last left off. We find Nevada embroiled in the middle of a serious family
matter that must be attended to, while the devious authors spin out the plot
for this book, smacking us squarely in the face with the ultimate possible relationship
killer, the lovely ex-girlfriend. Nevada and Rogan (we are now on an intimate
enough level to drop the Mad from time to time, but have no fear, he never lets
us forget it) are finally on stable ground with their relationship goals, or so
we think, when trouble comes to town in the form of a wicked Grandmother. I do
suppose that it is only fair that if we have such an incredible character as Grandma
Frieda we can only have a counterbalance of one spawned by Satan himself, in
the form of Victoria Tremaine.

The complex and interwoven plots that run through the story are mostly three fold. We face our family issues, our case to be solved and the larger story arc of discovering the identity of a person we come to call Caesar. By the end of the book I have created an entire subplot of characters walking around whispering “Hail Caesar” in a fashion worthy of any “Hail Hydra” meme to date.  While I am loath to offer spoilers of any kind I will say this, book 3 in no way slams the door on this world. We are given an extremely satisfying end, closing out any questions we have at this time. Though I am certain that soon after reading for the 4th time you will find a few to explore, the real squee worthy moment is in the final page, when we see from Caesar’s POV that the authors are indeed NOT DONE WITH THIS WORLD. **insert fainting fangirls here**

While I find that all of Ilona’s books are well written and have complex, well developed characters and fast paced plots, this series holds my heart a little tighter than the rest. I spare no shame for my constant fangirl appreciation of their Innkeeper series, a world I willingly would move to Red Deer, Texas, to be a forever guest within the Gertrude Hunt, But Mad Rogan and Nevada somehow just seep into my soul. Something about these two resonates with me soundly. Whether it is Nevada’s logical yet very real approach to
emotional triggers regarding things such as jealously, stress, relationships or
just life in general, or Mad Rogan’s fiercely hard fought for loyalty I can’t
say, but I will tell you this book just does it for me. If there are only 5 stars to give, I will steal some from others just so they can have 7.  Read it, but start at book 1. While all of Ilona’s books could be read out of order, there is just no reason to not start at step one. It is worth the effort of a thousand steps to be a part of the journeys

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