Quick and Easy Whitelisting

Below are detailed instructions for Gmail (because it is the most common) but the process is easy-peasy for most all email providers. For other email providers you can use The Whitelist Guide. They have walk-throughs for all the various emails in detail. I hope you find this process is easy. It helps make sure that my emails land in your inbox. 

Creating a filter (known as whitelisting) in Gmail is really easy and takes just a few seconds. It is most successful from a computer vs a mobile device. 

Doing this will help ensure that emails go into your primary folder. Gmail has an AI that thinks it knows you, and sometimes labels things in ways that you would not have. Take control with these simple steps.




Confirm that the visible email address is Chris@ChrisPatt.com
Now click on “Create Filter” 


Almost Finished!
Here we check the following boxes:

“Never send to Spam”
“Also apply filters to matching conversation(s)”
Check “Categorize as” and indicate the PRIMARY option in the pull down menu 
Finish by clicking “CREATE FILTER” button


And we are done! Thanks so much for doing that. I really look forward to hearing from you.