Up to no good…

Well, while I may be slow at blog updates I am making progress with the books. I have full drafts of Reign Drops (going into re-release and updated) and book two Summer Sinks finished. Both of these will be going out over the summer. Book One of Dragon Keepers (a siser series to Bloodborne) is almost complete(ish). That is an older version of Celestra Rose in the picture.

I am looking forward to having a table at Wizard World in Austin this year, sharing a dual booth with some great people, and hoping to get down to Florida for the NINC conference in the fall.

You may have heard, there are some new regulations that are going live in Europe and they do impact many areas, including here. You will notice new legal pages and disclaimers, fun buttons to click, and boxes to check. Not sure if they even care if you are a robot anymore, as long as you have your privacy. Please do rest assured I am way too foolish to collect data and way too busy to spam you any more than my periodic updates you have currently enjoyed. Legally I must put them up, so enjoy….


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