The Man Who Killed Don Quixote… I hope

So I have been following for some time the drama around the making and releasing of the movie “The Man Who Killed Don Quixote” for years now.

It has had a series of legal issues, each one resolving, only to get mired in mud again. Finally a couple months back it was announced that it would play for ONE NIGHT in select cities. Mind you, one show only.

Now picture this frantic fan girl rushing to her computer, credit card in hand. I got it! My favorite local theater, my favorite 2 giant leather recliners. I printed the tickets and put them on the goals wall and basked in their glory.

Now fast forward. The show is tonight!! Crap. For those who don’t know my husband and I run a landscape company. We have been short handed for over a year now, which means I am crew leader as well as all other essential office duties I usually carry. Yesterday it was 89 degrees and a 10 hour day.

Today it will hit 90. But the day is here, and darn it I will hate myself later if I just go to bed (which I did last night after work, and it was glorious). So this post is my double dare. I must go see it, after all I have waited so very long… wish me luck.

Here is the trailer, tell me what you think.

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