The Innkeeper Chronicles

This series is a good part of the reason I look for  Friday to hurry up and come. Ilona Andrews had been treating fans  to Friday releases of segments. In many ways we watched it happen “live.”  Originally sections were posted on Wattpad for consumption, soon they moved to posting it on their blog. A total of three (digital format only) books are now available in the series, and featured here is the harback Chronicle collection. I was so very lucky to receive a copy recently, I could not be more thrilled!

There are 750 total print copies to be made of this limited edition. The 52 “Lettered Copies” were available for pre-order and at the time of this post are already sold out. All of these books from Subterranean Press are signed by the authors prior to shipping. At 766 pages it is a hefty book, and feels really good to hold. The book features both grey scale and color versions of the character pictures that posted with the books originally. The artwork by Doris Mantiar is just amazing. Her gallery is in the link.


The following are *SPOILER FREE* reviews for the three books in the series. (and in the featured hardback Collection) Now this is a progressive series and in order to keep it spoiler free I mostly can only speak of writing styles, feelings and generalizations. Anything else and I will absolutely be giving away things that you learn as the series goes on. If you need additional details, Goodreads will be more than happy to spoil every plot point for you in swift fashion.

NOW, having said that, I will point out the great wonder of the writing of Ilona Andrews. This team makes certain that ANY book you pick up can be your first. If you choose to read, say book 2, you will not be left behind for information, or in any way feel like you are left “out of the loop”. This is a skill they have finely honed and do very well. It is rare, cherish it.

Clean Sweep : The  Innkeeper Series Book One

We start the book with a fast introduction to this world. Set on Earth, in current day, The authors have created a hidden network of Inns, which use technology from beyond our stars to remain hidden as they host alien life forms of all kinds. Dina, our Innkeeper, often (to my great pleasure) simply states that to try to explain the tech that makes things go beyond our known laws of physics is easier to just call magic, which this book is! With treaties in place it is to the benefit of each visitor to remain a secret from the human race. Trouble seems to be Dina’s frequent guest. The writing is strong, and pulls you in swiftly, there is conflict and humor a plenty. There is a lovely little Easter Egg for those who read the Edge Series by Ilona Andrews, and it is something  so smoothly blended that you won’t notice if you didn’t. (seriously) The book resolved itself and our adventure, no cliff hangers to be had, but left me howling for book two. 5 out of 5 Stars, all the way!

Sweep In Peace : The Innkeeper Series Book Two

A dreary few months have passed as Dina waits for her next big guest. The Inn and her take on a challenge that will greatly benefit them both, if they can manage to pull it off. I will point out here “YES! Those are the boys from the Edge, and Lark TOO!” But is is totally ok if you don’t know who that is… They have got you covered. The first read through I did on this book I had not yet gotten to that series, and by the time I worked around to a second Innkeeper reading I was as excited as a kitten in a room full of catnip. (vicious little beasts should the rumors be true) This is a super great cast of characters, smoothly melding old and new. Hordes of them, all well written and fully thought out. Outstandingly fast paced and the adventure resolves with a bang! I found myself ready for book three, the torturous wait for it to come out only could be filled with re-reads of all their other books. 5 out of 5 stars… well played!

One Fell Sweep : Innkeeper Series Book Three

Once again we are back at the Inn. Things have been going nicely over all for our beloved group, but once a trouble magnet always a trouble magnet (Dina needs that embroidered on the pillows) This time it is all about family. ON SO many levels this book is about family. Everyone’s family. Loved every inch of it, except the parts where I was swearing at it, JUST like family. Solid and fast paced. Unexpected twists in the ending that left me hanging and unable to put it down until it was all resolved! 5 out of 5 stars, and a real need to stay at the Gertrude Hunt next time I am making my way through Red Deer, Texas.

I will assure you that I ask, every time I see Ilona and Gordon. if we will get more books in this series It is a self published affair and they have to put out their own money on the front end costs (which can be expensive and hard at times for a solid and professional product), and they promise that once they get the hard and fast deadlines for the Kate Daniels books out of the way there will be more Innkeepers in our future. The future is bright indeed!


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