That one book I have been looking for!

Ok, so a long time ago, in a time before ebooks, back when we read by firelight,  I got a library book that changed SO MUCH for me. I had been doing commision sales for a while, and the husband needed me to quit and work with him full time to grow our business. Landscaping was new to me, but if I could work the office, while he taught me the rest of the business I knew we would go far. Together we were unstoppable.
It was a leap of faith, a very scary leap. I was willing to jump, but I did plan the hell out of it. (es, I have lists of my lists, so I don’t lose a list…)
I would check out business books from the library by the armful. Every week I would take the kid and scour the stacks, him zooming a car around on the floor at my feet. The most helpful book I found was Simple Steps to Impossible Dreams. I checked it out three times in a row, for a total of six weeks. I made a whole legal pad full of notes, our original Business plan questionnaire (never found a better one either) came from there! The husband and I had two different ideas of how the business should grow and I need to merge them into a 5 and 10 year plan we would both be able to live with.
I found the set of notes this weekend, and tucked in the back was one copied page (copies were expensive back then, copiers harder to find) and damn it the title of the book was cut off.  Fast forward to modern day and GOOGLE (god bless that artificial intelligence). GOOGLE Library will search for any passage for any book… I typed in 4 sentences (very unique directives) and it found it instantly. I could not be more pleased.

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