Some days you just have to wing it…

I have so much to say! I spent most of last week at the Smart Artist Summit 2017, hosted at the JW Marriot in downtown Austin. And interestingly enough, I find that there are so many words that not a single group will agree to stand still long enough to form a sensible sentence.

How was the event you ask? IT WAS AMAZING! Right now I should be filling you with facts and stats and all sorts of things that would make my new tribe proud… Things like how to not muck up your “also boughts” and the difference between Urgent and Important, oh and tricks about selling Audio books!

Instead I am spending time bonding. My facebook feed is flooded with posts from attendees as well as the speakers and special guests, and I find it just impossible to look away.  Important things like how this picture of day two speaker Clark Chamberlain, taken by Scott King, and then “Bubbled” by KOBO’s Mark Lelebvre begged to become a caption contest… Dave Gaughran won (at least in my mind) with the well placed Bond Villain quote…

mr bond.jpg

I figure I can have this one last day of goofing off before I get serious and take all of the wonderful lessons I learned to heart. For now I will let Mark tell you about the SAS2017 , he did it much better! If you want to find out more about the Smarter Artist in general the podcasts might be a great place to start. Personally I enjoy the swearing and find the dick jokes perfectly tasteful, so “let the buyer beware” More soon. First I need to get some solid sleep.


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