My First Comic Con

In 2014 I made a deal with myself that I would just start doing things for me. Having devoted myself to our business and our family I realised that time was flying by without having goals of my own. Well I should restate that. I had goals, but they all were oriented around the goals of others. Raising children who would be able to thrive, devoting all of my other waking hours to our business, and to my husband.

I knew how to sew, and foolishly thought that it was all I needed to make good, solid cosplay happen. Oh my…

My partner in crime decided that we should be Thor and Loki, mind you at the time this was a fresh idea. I went to work, creating patterns, learning how to work with foam crafting, gluing my fingers together one too many times, and generally covered in paint on the weekends. I was honored to see that my first attempt at this landed me on the Wizard World Instagram page. There will be plenty of posts over time about the various costumes and props I now build. It is infectious, and rather oddly satisfying.

If you want to come fangirl with us join our group over on facebook  Hope to see you there!

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