The universe is a dark vast place. Power is relegated by the governing treaty. A union exists between several ruling families and the Artificial Intelligence species known as the Originals.  When the power of a House is at stake relationships cannot be left to chance.

Join  Interstellar Matchmakers to see if a good match is waiting for you.

Zero To Gain:

Meli always knew that one day a match would be made for her. The thing she never imagined was he would be such a beast. Now she needs to figure out how to turn an impending disaster into a love filled happily ever after. Join us as matchmakers hunt the galaxy to create power couples. Designed to solidify the family dynasties that rule space, these matchmakers have their work cut out for them. Once a match is made, it is nearly impossible to dissolve. The rarest of matches—one centered on love—is not the motivation. For the couples involved the question remains, how often can true love be the outcome. Grab your copy of Zero To Gain: an Interstellar Matchmaker novella today and set your sights on the stars.


One and Done : Interstellar Matchmakers


Two for the Stars : Interstellar Matchmakers

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