Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2 Review

Ok, first off, have no fear, NO spoilers.
I won’t tell you that *redacted* died. Or that *redacted* is *redacted*’s *redacted*.
I mean REALLY where is the fun in that?
What the movie is, is beautiful, from start to finish. Amazing cast is joined by more amazing people and fun-filled cameos. Oh wait , I will spill this little tidbit… I FINALLY found John Crichton.

- Crichton

That is right, my favorite Peace Keeper felon is still in space from his Farscape days and now hiding with the “lady in gold” … I totally have a type it seems, guys in leather with spaceships. We can go over that some other time tho, now back to the movie.

Much like the first movie we start off with a fun bit of action (and some tiny kickable lizards, I think Gunn has a lizard thing going, but who am I to judge) The stakes grow in grand fashion. I flipped back and forth from joy to worry, laughing hard in many places, and smoothly shifted to teary eyed and back to laughter without feeling yanked upon. I think that Gunn had some rather large hopes to follow up on, the first movie being such a huge success. it is not always possible to pull that off. I have no issue in stating emphatically that he most certainly did it, and more. I give it a 5 out of 5 or a 11 out of 10 or whichever intergalactic scale we are working off of these days. The credits are a blast… and there are a lot of reasons to stay until they turn up the house lights on full and kick you out.

Let me know, did you like it?

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