Dear Anna Todd…

The After Series… This is killing me. I just read all 5 books… full disclaimer. I may have gotten excited and read book 1 then 2 (back to back, who really needs to do anything but read for 14 straight hours anyways?) and then I found out about her “Midnight Sun” version called BEFORE which is technically book 5 *dives into the rabbit hole face first* so I could have read that one out of order, and then book 3 and I may have cried myself through the first half of book 4 to fall asleep happy by the end… but I digress.

Now it is a known fact that I listen to Made in the AM on repeat. When I have long jobs (mowing huge fields) I listen to the entire 1D collection for the day.

made in the am


I ask you this woman… HOW is it that every song on Made in the AM can be applied directly to this series but you started it TWO YEARS before it ever even came out? I mean for fucks sake *sorry, but I am still coming down from a Hardin high, it will be a while for that word to be re-censored*  Never Enough might as well have been written for Harden and Tessa!  #Hessa



Ok, go back to whatever it was you were doing… sorry for the interruption.

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