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While I am focusing (ok really I am trying I swear) on getting the rest of the books written I am not doing any advertising for Reign Drops. I have fiddled here and there but in all honesty I have not promoted the book much. Every once in awhile I get a random sale.  I don’t look often but I recently found that I even had a new review!

author faint

I secretly think that they should retitle the review to “How to make an Author faint”. As an author I know how edits go, they are never really done, so I will let that go, and I don’t even mind that I am now Chris Pratt…  In all honesty I was extremely flattered by this post. I (… don’t judge me I had to) went to see where our profiles overlapped, surely this is someone I know. But , nope, it seems that indeed even a random person actually likes my book.
<insert every article about self doubt and authors here for reference>
I even sold one in Germany last month (Germany, I mean that is nuts)

So what does this have to do with CPR and and the book? Kindle Unlimited… See the one thing I did decide to do was to place the book in the KU program. This means that while I don’t have it listed on any other sites than Amazon, Amazon does pay me to allow people to read it for “free”. The “EKG” is something that pops up every once in awhile and shows me how many pages people are reading. It is interesting to me to see both how folks progress with the book and also if there are spots where they might give up. So far from my highly scientific calculations (HA!) everyone who starts the book with the program does in fact finish (except one random person, but I have convinced myself they turned around and bought it). This is like heroin for authors… not that I have done heroin. *cough* Now to get the rest of the series finished and up so that I can work towards promotion!

book cpr

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