Blurb: A photo book site

So I have been tasked with building the family reunion photo book. I don’t mind (interpret as I foolishly volunteer) So in between building character sheets for the new series I am co-writing and trying to squeeze in chapters on the current WIP I have been flipping through photos…

I was lucky that one of the sisters helped and uploaded a good stash, adding some depth to mine (as the oldest, my own turn towards just my family and kiddos at a point) I have spent the last few weeks pouring over photos, then thinking about them, doing the usual author stew, then formatting them in my head. It takes a while to come up with something that is not just a typical scrapbook and for that I needed a great site.

So I turned as I so often do to the Smarter Artists on facebook. (yes, I freely joined the cult, it has its perks) The one I ended up with, after several great suggestions was BLURB. IN a normal author context just the word makes me cringe. But this time it was worth it.

So many great options, tremendous number of text/photo layouts and number of pictures per page options, as well as solid pricing made this a win win! Now, wish me luck in getting all the siblings to agree on the proof copy.

Like herding cats, if cats had lazers and smartphones… wish me luck!


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