What do the end of the Mayan Civilization, Vampire,  and Dragons have in common? 
Read on to find out! 

Reign Drops: Legend of the Shifter Dragon

A modern girl, an ancient curse, and a beast that needs taming. Returning home Dalia is more worried about her mother playing matchmaker than a Mayan family curse. But a rash of unexplained deaths change her mind.
Vampires couldn’t be real, could they?
And what of the hero everyone was expecting? His story was over five hundred years old, seems unreasonable to expect this to be true. As deadly monsters start hunting people, Dalia is at a loss on how to stop things. When the Legendary stranger and Magic are revealed, her life is changed in a moment. Now she must tame the dragon spirit, learn its Magic and save her people.

Summer Sinks: Legend of the Shifter Dragon

An adept student with a powerful mentor. A diabolical witch huntress . Two friends working to avert a tragic twist of fate. Dalia and her dragon’s quest for the histories of magic and humanity, and a long lost dragon tribe, lead them to Texas. While building her magical reserves, and satiating the dragon’s need for knowledge, they stumble across a powerful hex
A curse that could cost her everything she loves.
Battling an unknown enemy, Dalia wonders if she can find the answers before time runs out. Finding enemies close and new allies in unexpected places it comes down to a battle of magics. Will the more powerful witch retain the upper hand, building on her generations of training? Or will Dalai’s faith in others be the end of her?

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Summer Sinks: Bonus Chapters

Make a good blurb here. Now make it longer, not shorter. It needs to be better than that. Come on you can do it. DO IT!
Start inserting the latin if you need to . what would moonshine do? Oh and that hot vampire comes back, and then we kill off your best friend, way to go. Stay tuned to find out what will happen when Dalia and Celestra Rose find their world set a blaze.