August: The month of Gish

Do you gish?
Are you a Gisher?
Have you shared the “Tao of Misha” with your friends only to be met with blank faces?

Alas it is true. There is an entire population of people who do not know the joys of surrendering to the Gish, or the actual side effects of losing an entire month to an event that is actually only a week long. The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen (GISHWHES, pronounced gish-wes) is an annual week-long competitive media scavenger hunt originally held each October or November, but more recently each August. We pick the oddest team names and then spend all waking hours (you say you won’t, but you totally do) asking friends and family for odd things and enjoy making a total fool of yourself until you collapse into bed, to start again the next day.

My first introduction to Gishwhes was in 2014, which I totally say gish-wish.  I was too shy (HEY, stop laughing, sometimes I am shy) to join a team without knowing anyone so I watched from the sidelines. Soon I noticed that a friend was posting odd things which could only mean SHE HAD A TEAM!! To my great delight it was true, and I hooked onto her team in 2015. In 2016 I brought in a couple of friends and I tried to work on spelling it correctly.  By 2017 we had a blended team that I was captain of, I had mastered the spelling of gishwhes AND had finally trained the family on how to survive for a month without mom, so of course that meant that it was to be the final year
*I am so cursed, more on that some other time*

I will be posting various challenges along with our “Nailed It” versions of the challenges and other supreme examples that I grab from instagram (search the hashtag GISHWESH for yourself if you can’t wait, adding the years to the end will customize the search)  I also have the odd challenge lists that you simply have to read to believe. If I told you, frankly you just would not believe me.


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