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So if one was to judge from my posts you could think I have not been up to much. Some days, like today which was declared “No Pants Thursday” in my house, I too wonder what the heck I have been doing. So while I was cooking up the family dinner I made a mental list.
“I made the book!” was my first thought. …Oh but wait, which book? I made two!
~ First, Our Gishwhes team: Sandpaperthistlebot ((I blame Deadpool for the name) made the Coffee Table book. The final Coffee table book at that! I was super proud of Christine and her clan for this, seriously, the moment she showed us her entries (we were working independently on things) I knew it was a keeper!
~ Second I made another coffee table book, this one I didn’t see coming! For this years Wizard World Austin event my friends and I went as the Sanderson Sisters from the movie Hocus Pocus. We could barely get to the ticket area without being stopped for pictures (always a good sign for cosplay). When we got on the convention floor a very nice pair of ladies stopped us. After handing me a piece of paper and telling me a bit about herself, Susan Onysko invited us to a photoshoot for a cosplay coffee table book she is working on, going to 50 states and shooting all her favorites from the events. The picture I have gotten back from her so far brought me to tears. It is so amazing. Chance of a lifetime…

I swear, I have been working on other book things too… more to come on that soon.



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